• Molly Ann

Honestly Good Stuff

Fun facts. Before DIYing on Instagram I was a House manger and Nanny for seven years. I have been a mom for five years. And I have been cooking so long I can't even remember when I picked up my first spatula. Maybe when I was 10, and a shopping junkie since birth. I have bought A LOT of things for the families I used to work for and maybe a few things for myself ;). So why not share with you a collection of my favorites?! You know, the ones you're happy you spent money on and don't want to throw it away the week after you bought it. So here it is. A list of "Honestly good stuff" broken down into four categories.

For the home

-Stay put rug tape

-Studio McGee rust throw blanket

For the kitchen

-Metal food clip bags

-Pull and chop food chopper

For you

-A slob comes clean podcast

-Burts Bess tinted chapstick (I love rose)

For the kids

-InchBug custom name bands for water bottles

-Glow in the dark ceiling stars