• Molly Ann

DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial

What you will need:

Electric Balloon Pump

Fishing line

30" round balloons (I typically use 3-6 of this size)

12" balloons

9" balloons

5" balloons


Optional yet makes a big impact:

Glitter Balloons

Clear 12" balloons

Clear 5" balloons

Greenery (This is what I have used and loved)

Fairy lights

Useful Notes to read before you begin!

  • For every two feet of garland, you will need nine 12" balloons. The 30", 9", and 5" balloons are meant to add to the drama but not the length!

  • You can use 12" balloons and inflate them less to make smaller balloons. One thing to consider is that the color of the balloon might change when it is not fully inflated.

  • The key to making a balloon garland look unique and have that "WOW" factor is to keep the placement of the balloons and the size of the balloons VERY organic. By organic, I mean, the only time I pay attention to the color of the balloon I'm grabbing is at the very end when I add those last two or three balloons to the garland. I avoid following a specific pattern with the colors.

  • If you blow the balloons up to 85% capacity, they are much easier to work with, tie together, and they also will pop less!

  • No matter the color selection of the balloons, I always add clear balloons in a variety of sizes. The clear balloons help to make these balloon garlands feel more mature. I also really like the clear balloons with glitter inside of them! ;)

  • I have heard great things about balloon garland tape and glue dots, but I have never used these personally. They will help you put this garland together faster; however, keep in mind that using the balloon tape will create a uniformity in your garland you may not want.


*If you're a visual learner you can find the video tutorial here

Step One.

The first thing you are going to do is blow up all of your balloons. This is where the electric balloon pump comes in handy. If you have ever tried to blow up 200 balloons, you will understand why this tool is key for you to not lose your mind or your oxygen! I recommend blowing your balloons up to only 85% (yes, I said 85% lol). When the balloons are inflated to 100%, it makes tying the balloons together (in step two) more difficult. It also makes the balloons more likely to pop because the latex has been stretched out so much, causing more stress on the balloon itself.

Step Two

This is where you just grab the balloon that is the closest to you and tie it to another balloon. Don't mind its color, don't mind its size. The more organically this step is completed, the better this garland will end up looking.

You will need to tie the balloons together in small groups. 12" balloons get tied in groups of three. 9" and 5" balloons get tied together in groups of two and three. I start by holding the already tied end of two balloons and knot those ends together. Then grab a third balloon and tie that to the two that you just tied together. Remember to leave a few of the smaller balloons in groups of two.

Step Three

Measure and cut about 15 2 ft strands of fishing line.

Step Four

Time to build the foundation of this garland. Grab your spool of fishing line (we’re saving the 2 ft strands for the next step) and tie the loose end to something that is stable. Holding the spool of fishing line in one hand, grab an 12" group of three balloons with the other. Wrap the

fishing line a few times around the center of the balloons where they are tied together. Change the pattern of how you are wrapping the fishing line to ensure the balloons do not fall off the line. Now repeat this step until all of the 12" balloons are attached to the fishing line.

Step Five

Now grab the 2 ft strands of fishing line you cut in step three and begin to tie those randomly throughout the garland. You will use these strands of fishing line to attach the smaller groups of balloons.

Step Six

Hang the foundation of your garland! I like to use 3M damage free command hooks for this. I always try to envision the final shape I am aiming for. I follow the centerline of that shape with the foundation string of balloons.

Step Seven

Decide where you want the visual weight of your balloons to be on your garland, then attach the large 30" round balloons in that spot. You can use fishing line for this.

Step Eight

Begin to attach the smaller groups of balloons to the 2 ft strands of fishing line you attached in step five. I use this step to bulk up the garland where it is needed, as well as blend together the size difference between the 12" and the 30" balloons. Now you can strategically go back in and add balloons wherever you see something missing! Note: I have never regretted adding more balloons. I have only found that the more I add, the more I like the garland!

Step Nine

If you're going to add greenery and fairy lights I recommend adding the greenery first! Finally, you can add the fairy lights!

Happy party my friend!